What is a tickets closed?

We are a "support as a service" offering for eCommerce store owners. We offer on-brand eCommerce customer support to help you actively serve your customers. We only charge based on usage so there isn't a big commitment on your end.

How does tickets closed works?

We work with you to create a knowledge base that our team of support agents will then use to respond to tickets to help close them quicker. If someone on our team is unable to answer a question, we'll reach out to you and then use that to expand our knowledge base. We're constantly learning and everything will always be in your brands voice. We want your customers to have a personalized experience.

When are you open and answering tickets?

We are answering tickets 24/7 to help ensure we help you close tickets quicker.

How does billing work?

We charge you on a monthly basis based on the amount of tickets we close for you. You can find our pricing, here.

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